Roll of Honor of the IEEE AP/ED/MTT NI Chapter Thesis Awards

Please find below the list of recipients of the IEEE AP/ED/MTT North Italy Chapter Thesis Awards.

2019 Edition

The recipients of the 2019 IEEE AP/ED/MTT North Italy Chapter Thesis Awards have been the following

  • Matteo FARRONATO, Politecnico di Milano.  “Best Master Thesis Electron Devices Society” for the thesis “Development of Innovative Synaptic Devices for the Online Training of Neural Networks”
  • Michele BECCARIA, Politecnico di Torino. “Best PhD Thesis Antennas and Propagation Society” for the thesis “Design of Innovative Reflectarray and Transmitarray Antennas”
  • Giorgio GOTTARDI. Università di Trento. “Best PhD Thesis Antennas and Propagation/Microwave Theory and Techniques Societies” for the thesis “Novel Design Concepts for Unconventional Antenna Array Architectures in Next Generation Communications Systems”
  • Enrico MASSONI, Università di Pavia. “Best PhD Thesis Microwave Theory and Techniques Society” for the thesis “Novel Materials and Innovative Fabrication Techniques for the Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Technology”

2020 Edition

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